April 17, 2021


Eco-Scape Game

Category: Awareness

Summary of the action:

A group of engineer-students of the Mines-Télécom Lille-Douai Institut made up of:





Invite you to discover the Eco’scape Game. An escape game which aims to raise awareness among youngsters about the environment and the sustainable development.

The objectives:

If you are more than 11 years old, come achieve excavation and enigma missions online, with your family or your friends. This will be an opportunity to live a fun and intellectual adventure. Centered on important ecological themes, the escape game will project you in the middle of the ocean where you will have to prevent a major ecological disaster !

Details on the installation: 

You will have to rack your brains to solve a series of enigmas in order to accomplish the mission you have been assigned ! Will you manage to brave the obstacles?

Useful advice: 

The minute you start the game, you find yourself on board a ship: a container carrier, whose command system was destroyed by a storm, is heading towards an iceberg. You have an hour to repair the command  system, achieve a heroique avoidance maneuver and thus avoid the disaster. During your mission, you and your team will progress from the command desk to the machine room, always in search of clues allowing you to accomplish your objective. So sailors, get ready to join the crew. Will you be able to avoid the biggest ecological disaster of history?

There already exists a couple of escape games raising awareness about the environment, but they are still rare  and it is always necessary to raise awareness among the population, especially the youngsters, about sustainable development. Our escape game is therefore part of one of the first escape games to aim for ecological awareness, in order to mix game to the learning of ecoresponsable gestures of daily life. 

Join a folder: http://festiplanete.fr/escape-game/

Difficulty of the action from 1 (very difficult) to 5 (very easy): 1


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